I’ve moved

21 12 2010

Hi all.

You may have noticed that things here have gone a bit quiet recently, for that I apologise.

In an effort to rejuvenate my content production, I’ve started a new blog which I feel showcases my photos better and is easier to use.

You can find it here: http://simonbray.tumblr.com/



The traffic was terrible today

9 05 2010

There are some things in this world that are so removed from what is right and good. My heart breaks when I hear stories of people like Srey Neth and I’m filled with a sense of hopelessness, what can I do to stop such disgraceful behaviour? Please take a few minutes to watch this short film.

Cambodia: Srey Neth from timmatsui.com on Vimeo.

My good friend Ben Cooley runs a charity called Hope for Justice. Thier mission statement is taken from Psalm 72:

‘He will rescue them from oppression and violence for precious is their blood in his sight.’

They are putting on a huge event at the Manchester Apollo on June 4th, designed to inspire and equip the nation to stand for justice. Tony Campolo, Ben Cantelon and Graham Kendrick will all be there offering their support.

Visit here for tickets and more information: The Stand. June 4th. Manchester Apollo


7 05 2010

Seeds, originally uploaded by SimonBray1.

This is a shameful copy of a photo taken by my friend Steve Broadbank. I wanted to see if I could replicate his excellent shot. Thank you Steve for the inspiration.

Witsands II

13 04 2010

Witsands II, originally uploaded by SimonBray1.

Cornwall is the best place to be if the sun is shining.


11 04 2010

A multi national corporate supermarket chain. Your local provider of quality fresh produce?

However you regard Waitrose, there’s no denying that their latest advertising campaign speaks the truth.

They are right. Everyone does deserve quality food. Unfortunately, I don’t think they mean EVERYONE. I think they mean Britain’s middle classes, a selection of people who fall into the richest in the world. Somehow I don’t think Waitrose is doing all it can to make sure to provide quality food for EVERYONE who deserves it, which is EVERYONE. So next time you’re in your local waitrose (or any supermarket), save a bit of change for those who haven’t got the luxury of choosing what they eat and give it to a charity such as Tearfund or Christian Aid or Oxfam who do their utmost to help the EVERYONE that Waitrose (and many others) forgot.


11 04 2010

Easter day at Christchurch Winchester this year saw 11 people committing their lives to God through baptism, a wonderful act that should be celebrated and a vital part of a persons Christian journey. The ceremony, led by the Bishop of Winchester, proceeded just like all the other baptisms that I’ve witnessed at Christchurch, the candidates declared their faith before being ‘dunked’, but as I witnessed this process of baptism, something struck me.

Each candidate had to pronounce vows just like a couple do at a marriage ceremony, reading from a sheet and declaring their faith after prompting from the Bishop. It all seemed very ritualistic, like a set process. How did we get from John the Baptist washing people of their sin in a river to this? It appeared regulated, and somewhat forced (although I am not doubting the conviction of the candidates to be baptised), it lacked spontaneity and passion, surely at this amazing point in our relationship with Christ we should want to embrace him and to declare it from the rooftops.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not disagreeing with the act involved here, this public declaration of faith should celebrated, but more the circumstance and environment in which it all took place. Maybe it’s purely the atmosphere of the church, maybe it’s the underlying ‘Britishness’ of everyone involved or maybe over the course of 2000 years, we’ve managed to suck the life out of this glorious act and fill it with set narratives and regulation.

Vinelife Ventures

2 04 2010

I’ve set up a Photographic Print Store, where you are able to buy some of my photos as prints for the first time!


It’s part of Vinelife Ventures, a project being undertaken by the lifegroup members of Vinelife Church, Manchester.

Each group has been given £50 and the challenge to use their entrepreneurial skills to generate small businesses, from which 100% of the proceeds will go to The Reckoning, a charity which supports people in the developing world and enables them to start their own small businesses with a view to becoming self-sufficient.

You can help by purchasing a Photo Print, for yourself or as a gift for a friend, a family member, a church or your workplace.

The 8”x6” photo prints will be fully mounted (10”x12”) and ready to put on your wall or give to a loved one.

Simply browse both pages of photos, click an item to see it in full and then click on the enlarged photo to access the webstore.

Or simply visit the webstore here: http://vinelifeventures.bigcartel.com/product/mounted-photographic-print

100% of proceeds will go to The Reckoning.