Out of Darkness 2

2 03 2010

Out of Darkness 2, originally uploaded by SimonBray1.

I’m still working out how to use my new camera, so I spent an hour or so photographing my surroundings, but I couldn’t resist trying something a bit more creative!


Manchester Women’s hospital

26 02 2010

Manchester Women’s hospital, originally uploaded by SimonBray1.

I only ever went here once. I know I’m not a woman, and the person I took wasn’t a woman either, but in the circumstances it was the best I could do.

Having been to a gig in Leeds, me and my friend Colin were walking home in the rain. Outside the hospital we were confronted by a wet, drunk Irish man, wearing soaking socks with sandals. He tried to explain that his wife was dying, that he didn’t know where she was and he didn’t know what to do.

After trying to coax as much information from his as possible, we thought it best to try and find her, there was no way I was going to leave him in the rain.

Not knowing where A&E was, or where the man’s wife was, we thought it best to find anyway into the hospital possible, so we snuck in the entrance to the womens hospital as the automaitc doors (closed at night) opened when someone left.

What followed was an excruciating 10 minute amble down seemingly endless corridors, constantly trying to reassure our new rambling friend that everything was going to be ok and that we knew where we were going.

Not knowing what we were going to find, we bravely entered the A&E lounge and approached the desk to enquire about the man’s wife. The relief on his face to see he sitting in the waiting area was priceless. They were so happy to be reunited and to know each other was ok.

That was our evenings work done, needless to say, we found our way out a lot easier than we’d found our way in!

What are you eating?

25 02 2010

TED is a foundation for Ideas that are worth hearing about, a platform for inspirational people to portray their message. There are so many talks I could link to, but having just watched this one, this is as good as any. Well worth 20 minutes of you time:


Too much to take in

24 02 2010

I’ve just finished reading a book by ‘The Day Today’ & ‘Alan Partridge’ producer and ‘In the Loop’ director Armando Iannucci. It was thoroughly amusing. His deep understanding of the media and political worlds enable great insight into how the industries actually operate, leaving lots of room for farcical parodies and unravellings of how ridiculous some of the methods and means within those two worlds can be.

However, within one chapter of the book Iannucci touches on something that has been on my heart for a while. The constant drive in our culture towards unsatisfaction. Iannucci carefully points out that the depth of consumable media is now far beyond anything that one person could willingly consume. I, for example, have a pile of books on a shelf that I’m hoping to read in the near future, but I know that some will remain unread, because I just won’t have time to get through them all…..and this is just 20 books that I own, let alone the thousands of other books that I might be interested in reading. The weight of this book burden will harrow me until I’ve read them, but by then I will have obtained new books to replace the ‘shelf of waiting’. It’s the same for music, for films, for websites, for on demand media….there will always be more than I am able to consume and there will never be enough time to consume everything that I want to read, watch, listen to.

So Iannucci’s message is simple. Be content with what you’ve got. Enjoy the book you’re reading at the moment, take time to get involved with it, understand it and don’t worry about the next book, because when the time comes, it’ll have it’s chance to be read. Don’t live unsatisfied that you haven’t got time to take everything in, hear the latest band or keep up with what everyone else is consuming, enjoy what’s good and what you connect with and I predict you’ll be far happier than having ticked another book off your list of things to read.

Learn to be content with where you are/what you have

Look forward

Tall Ships in today’s NME!

24 02 2010

Apparently they’re being played on the NME stereo!

Idle Hands Club

16 02 2010

As many of you may know, I’m now co-managing a band called Tall Ships and a band called Elephants with my very good friend Andrew Parry. Both bands are truly great and are producing very exciting music. Our aim is to help them progress in an often turbulent industry.

We are working as part of the Music Management company, Idle Hands Club. You can find out all about it on the website which has profiles on the artist roster and also team profiles:

Tall Ships on tour w/Tubelord

11 02 2010

My boys are off on tour.
They’ll be playing all the hits. ALL the hits.
and maybe you’ll be able to take some hits home with you also?